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Announced by Government Interest-Free Solar Panel Systems at Your Homes in Easy Monthly Instalments

Announced by Government Interest-Free Solar Panel Systems at Your Homes in Easy Monthly Installations
March 31, 2024 by Shumaila
Interest-Free Solar Panel Systems
Meezan Bank has begun presenting advantages to its clients in accordance with Sharia. Their photovoltaic panel financing application ensures renewable strength gets right of entry with payable plans and lifelike prices. Electricity payments from set up will be decreased to 50 %. Further, you can deploy photovoltaic panels except activity packs due to the fact this device is in line with the Shariah. Solar Systems Scheme

Balanced photovoltaic householders are best for producing their supply of electricity. Extra electricity generated with the aid of internet metering is additionally offered again to country wide electricity, ensuing in the surroundings being clean.

Their photovoltaic panel gives you a more cost-effective and extra reachable way to make investments in renewable electricity as nicely as saves your electrical energy payments with Balance Bank. Your handy charge tasks are aggressive. You will have the right of entry to professional education to assist with pricing and in this process.

Eligibility Criteria
Individual Salary (Permanent Job)

Nationality: The character who is making use of it is a Pakistani and an everlasting resident and has a countrywide identification card. Punjab Solar Scheme

Age of applicant: The minimum age need to be 20 years and the most age need to be 60 years to follow this program.

Age of co-applicant: Maximum seventy five years.

Employment status: Must be permanent.

Income: Minimum profits ought to be one lakh.

Job Tenure: Be a steady job for at least two years.

Tax payee: One-year tax recipient ought to be with NTN number.

References: Will require at least two certificates.

Account in Meezan Bank: If the applicant’s stability is presently no account in the bank, it will be opened for a financing offer.

How to Apply
To follow your request you have to go to the nearest balance financial institution branch, plus you can get all the facts via calling the following helpline.


Get a citation from Solarjee Partner with Meezan Bank

Submit a reproduction of the CNIC signed utility structure with a replica of the state-of-the-art strength bill

You will be given a structured structure you can additionally get thru the financial institution and download on-line too

After the form is filled, you have to publish it to your nearest stable financial institution branch. CM Roshan Gharana Program

How to Apply

Application form
Interest-free photo voltaic panels On This Independence Day

Meezan Bank has given a possibility to humans to set up in effortless installations on the event of Independence Day. If you prefer to set up a photovoltaic panel gadget at your home, contact your nearest Meezan Bank department, the place where you will be supplied photovoltaic panels in handy installations besides any interest. Solar Systems Scheme

Meezan Solar Required Documents
General Documents

Property possession proof

Current electrical energy bill

Properly fill out the software form

Copy of legitimate CNIC

Photographs (1)

Signature verification form

Declaration of financing

A legitimate citation from Meezan Bank’s approved Solar Vendor.

Salaried Applicants

Latest pay slip

Employment letter

DOJ proof

Employment reputation proof

6 months’ financial institution statement

Audited financials and letters from the company, if the applicant is a paid director

Self-employed businessman applicants

Sole Proprietorship

Bank ownership letter
Tax returns

Partnership deed (latest and preceding all, if any)
Certificate of the registrar of firms, if registered firm.
6 months financial institution announcement (of the company or the applicant partner)
Limited Companies

Memorandum of Articles
Association of Articles
Certificate of Incorporation
Latest Form-A
Latest Form-29
Audited Financials
6 months financial institution declaration (of the business enterprise or the applicant director). Roshan Gher Program
Pensioner Applicants

Copy of pension book/certificate displaying pension (must be issued from AGPR or

the provincial workplace of accountant general)

6 months’ financial institution statements reflecting internet pension credited to the account.

Pensioner Applicants

Final Words
The photovoltaic machine has won a lot of recognition in Pakistan due to the fact of the photovoltaic machine there are many human beings who have elevated their commercial enterprise as the photovoltaic gadget is additionally used in factories and so on and additionally in their very own homes. You can additionally use the photovoltaic machine due to the fact that you can get rid of excessive payments and you don’t have to face any form of problem.

You additionally have to face shedding and alongside it, you have to face issues due to excessive payments so installation photovoltaic structures in your residences and get rid of electrical energy payments and load shedding.