Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

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Benazir Kafalat Program

Benazir Kafalat Program ,Respected viewers, Assalam-e-Walekum, the new June payment is being received by 0500 women, but now there are three types of women who have been made Nahil from today, now they will not be able to get payment in future. Who are those women? Also tell you that the second installment has been started all over Pakistan and people are still collecting the payment. How many total beneficiaries will be there who will be able to get this new help and there are many people who are getting Nahil on 8171 portal, although they were Ahl, they used to get money as well, will they get this installment or not, complete details are with you.

Government Programs

Those friends who have not yet subscribed to our channel Skill Sach, please subscribe to the channel so that you will keep getting the latest information about money like Benazir Kafalat Program Income Support Program or any other government programs on this channel as well. The big news of this time is that the second phase of the new June scheme of ₹10,500 has officially started and the payment has also started. Until now, a large number of people have collected the payment, but the rush is still very high.

Payment Process

And secondly, the net slowdown is happening because all the people sitting with the devices are unable to make the payment and secondly, it has also come to light that the number of camp sites has fallen short because the number of women has increased and due to these many women are not able to get a place to sit. Now, these strict instructions are being issued by the staff of Benazir Kafalat Program Income Sports Complex that, firstly, the speed of the net should be increased and the payment process should also be increased further so that the remaining women do not remain deprived of getting the payment and can make their payments.

Message From 8171

Go home after collecting the payment with ease, now a large number of people are also waiting for the message from 8171 that only when the message comes will we go to collect the payment, so let me tell you that even if you do not get the message, then at least check your account on the 8171 portal once, it is possible that your installment has arrived or it has been shown there, so those of us who are old people whose installment is showing, they should not go and wait because your name can be included among the third marla people, this payment will be distributed among a total of 933 lakh people, on the first number those whose PMT score is 32 or more

Upcoming Payment

If the income is less, then the good news for them is that this time their payment of Rs 10,500, which is running from April to June, will come to them and they will be able to get it while the regular women who take regular money , who are regular beneficiaries of Benazir Kafalat Program Income Support Farm, they were getting money even earlier, they have also collected the previous installment of Rs 9,000, even if they have not got their survey done, this payment will also come to them while the Coming July to September will be all the people who have less than 32 crores and have not got their survey done, their upcoming payment will be

Last Installment

It will not come, whereas the people who are at second number from regular beneficiary are also included, who are being shown as absent on the portal of 8171, although they have already registered their survey, so the payment of such people will also not come now, they have been blocked, so this payment which is going on from April to June, is being issued in the month of June itself, so you will get this, this will be your last installment, after that, whenever you will check your money on the portal of 8171, then you will be given a new date of survey, whereas in the same way, such people are also included, who have not registered their survey

Kafalat Program

They have been declared nahil and they too, who are not eligible for Kafalat Program, will not get the money, but they are still being given the date of survey. On the portal of 8171, these are the people who have not got their survey done at all and they have been showing as nahil from the beginning, although they have also been given the opportunity to appeal that they should register their appeal and go for the survey on the same date, but these women still did not go for their survey, so they have also been kept as nahil until now and they have not received the payment and right now they cannot go to get the payment because they are not eligible.

Get The Money

Due to this reason they cannot get their payment. For now, the process of payment for those on the second marla is going on across Pakistan. The third marla is yet to start. It will take some time for the third marla. We have already made a video with you for those on the third Marla. Those who have not paid, should watch the video of the third marla. You will also get to know when the third marla will start. While will those who are under investigation get money? Yes, they too will get the money, but their investigation is still going on because after 15th June some women will be released who are women

Withdraw Your Payment

Those who are left will be made Ahal in the month of July. Some of these women can also be made Nahil, if their score does not cross the prescribed limit during this investigation, then they too will be put on the list of Ahal. If you have not collected your payment, then you should collect your payment immediately. If you are Ahal in Punjab and all the other provinces, which we had told you about, then in them payment you have already started for the people of the second marla. You can go to the cam site and withdraw your payment and you have to collect your full payment and make the deduction.