Tue. Jun 11th, 2024
Good News Benazir Aghosh Program 1500 Payment Starts By THQ Hospitals

Benazir Aghosh Program:

The Benazir Aghosh Program has commenced the disbursement of a provision amounting to Rs 1500 for women enrolled in the programme. Pregnant and lactating ladies in Pakistan, registered beneath the Benazir Nashwa program, can now go to their nearest DHQ (District Headquarter) fitness center to get preservation of the Rs 1500 facility.

In accordance with the modern alternative of the Aghosh program, it has been added that the cash dispensed by using the use of the Benazir Income Support Program will now be disbursed by using DHQ Hospitals. Women eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program are motivated to register under the Benazir Aghosh Program, frequently if they are pregnant or lactating.

Benazir Aghosh Payment Receiving Method 2024:

The Benazir Aghosh Program has been formally launched, and beneficiaries have started out receiving money from this initiative. However, many females can additionally be unfamiliar with the registration gadget and the location to accumulate the funds. This article outlines the entire method for registering and obtaining bucks through the Benazir Aghosh program, making certain a smooth experience.

Women who have successfully registered for the Aghosh software program have already begun receiving cash in their accounts. To gather this extent without difficulty and barring any deductions, beneficiaries can go to their nearest DHQ hospital. In case of any issues, contacting the helpline vary of the Aghosh utility and registering complaints is inspired for on the spot resolution.

Benazir Aghosh Payment Receiving Method 2024

Aghosh Program 2024:

The Aghosh Program 2024 stands as one of Pakistan’s best social safety initiatives. With a focal factor on enhancing the health and weight loss program of pregnant women and early life below the age of two in the country’s poorest families, the Aghosh software is a pivotal cash switch software addressing health and weight-reduction plan needs.

Beginning during the period of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tenure, the software program has impacted over 1.5 million pregnant women and children. The new authorities have revitalized the Aghosh program, improving its funding stream. Eligible female under the Aghosh utility can now get preservation of assist money without difficulty from their nearest registered DHQ hospitals.

The high-quality results of the utility on beneficiaries’ health and nutritional vitamins have been notable. According to a World Bank study, the software program has empowered pregnant women going through financial difficulties to are searching for relevant care for themselves and their children, fostering health facility-based childbirth.

How to Receive Aghosh Program Money:

For girls registered in the Aghosh program, a month-to-month price of 1500 rupees has been initiated. To get keep of this installation, comply with these effortless steps:

Visit your nearest DHQ hospital.

Contact a BISP Nashonuma Program representative.

Present your ID card.

Provide your biometric (fingerprint).

Receive your 1500 installation.

How to Receive Aghosh Program Money

Aghosh Program Registration New Method

The registration manner for the Benazir Aghosh Program is simple. Follow these steps for registration:

Visit your nearest DHQ hospital for a check-up and file from a professional doctor.

Submit the file to the BISP tehsil office, expressing your intention to register for the Benazir Aghosh program.

The advisor will affirm the document and furnish a registration form.

Fill out the form and put it up to the Benazir Income Support Program office.

Upon submission, you will formally be section of the Benazir Nashonoma program, offering method month-to-month check-ups at the DHQ centre.

By following these steps, enrollment in the Benazir Growth Program will end up accessible.

Table: Quick Information

Full NameBenazir Income Support Programme (BISP)
FocusProviding financial assistance to low-income families in Pakistan
BeneficiariesOver 9 million families
Financial SupportVaries depending on program component – typically PKR 10,500 per family
ProgramsVarious, including:
* Benazir Kafaalat: Basic financial assistance
* Taleemi Wazuif: Education stipends for children
* Nashonuma: Nutrition program for pregnant women and children
* Flood Relief Cash Assistance: Support for flood-affected families
EligibilityBased on poverty criteria and household surveys
RegistrationOnline and through mobile registration vans


The commencement of the disbursement of 1500 repayments by way of DHQ Hospitals underneath the Benazir Aghosh Program marks a significant stride in imparting imperative monetary assistance to eligible beneficiaries. Pregnant and lactating girls registered under the Benazir Nashonuma software can now effortlessly get maintain of their facilities from their nearest DHQ hospitals. This preference ambitions to streamline the distribution process, making certain nicely timed assistance for beneficiaries barring any hassle.


Who is eligible to get hold of the 1500 payment?
Eligibility standards consist of elements such as profits level, household status, and demographic profile. Individuals dealing with monetary problem are prioritized for assistance.

How can I follow for the Benazir Aghosh Program?
Interested humans can provoke the software system by using traveling their nearest THQ Hospital or getting access to on-line portals. Detailed guidelines and necessities are provided to information candidates via the process.

What files are required for the application?
Applicants are normally required to put up proof of identity, profits statements, and any extra documentation applicable to their circumstances. These files assist confirm eligibility and facilitate the processing of